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Q10 Child Dummy




          As the successor of P series, the Q differs considerably from the P-dummies. It is not only advanced in terms of its biomechanical and anthropometric characteristics, it is also developed to be used in both front and side impact testing, making it the first "multi-directional" (child) dummy. The Q series can be equipped with accelerometer, angular velocity transducer, load cell, displacement transducer, etc. to evaluate the injuries suffered in crash tests. The instrumentation is interchangeable within the dummy and between other members of the Q-series.


       In order to make the child dummies easy to assemble and disassemble, SAF has optimized the structure of the dummies which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. SAF has also minimized the impact of the transducers on the movement of the dummies, and protected the transducers and cables in good working condition.
          Q10 child dummy should be placed in a real vehicle in static state, and on the left side of the rear seat to simulate the passenger of 10-year-old child.The dummy simulates a human-like action after an external moving barrier crashes on the vehicle. At this point, the built-in transducers collect the variation of acceleration and load through the external data acquisition system, which is converted into digital signal and analyzed by various software analysis methods. Therefore, Q10 child dummy is used to analyze the injuries of the internal occupant when side impact occurs.
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