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P3 Child Dummy




    P3 child dummy is an important test device to evaluate the vehicle and child occupant restraint system to protect the child occupant. It is mainly used to test the protective results of occupant restraint system on the child occupant of around 15kg 3 years old in the crash simulation test.


          P series child dummies have been adopted by ECE R44 regulations in Europe, which are still in use until today. They are also adopted by C-NCAP regulations. In China, GB27887-2011 Child Passenger Restraint System for Motor Vehicle is based on ECER44(revised version 2), so the P series child dummies are still applied.

    P3 child dummy mainly consists of head, neck, torso, pelvis, abdomen, arm, and leg. The skeleton is made of metal and fiberglass, and the skin is polyurethane. The head and chest of dummy can be fitted with a tri-axial accelerometer.

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