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P0 Child Dummy




        P0 baby dummy simulates the newborn baby for crash tests under safety restraint system, which shows the distribution of softness and mass of the newborn.


          P series child dummies have been adopted by ECE R44 regulations in Europe, which are still in use until today. They are also adopted by C-NCAP regulations. In China, GB27887-2011 Child Passenger Restraint System for Motor Vehicle is based on ECER44(revised version 2), so the P series child dummies are still applied.

    P0 baby dummy is simple in structure, consisting of head, torso, arms and legs. The torso, arms and legs are cast in a mold filled with polyurethane and covered with a layer of PVC epidermis. The spine is made of steel springs. The head is made of polyurethane foam and covered with a layer of PVC epidermis. The head is fixed on the torso.The spine is made of spring steel and cannot be fitted with any transducers.

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